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DISTRO: Circa Survive - Descensus 2xLP (black vinyl)

by Circa Survive

$25.00 / On Sale

Though it follows 2012's Violent Waves, Circa Survive's fifth album is something of a comeback for the post-hardcore adventurers. Released on a new label in the wake of singer Anthony Green's successful battle with drug addiction, the record is a powerful statement of resiliency. While it's rich with the sprawling, frenetic sound the band is known for, the more subdued moments of Descensus are some of the band's best. The centerpiece "Nesting Dolls" features crystalline, interlocking guitar lines that build and build, and the title track revolves around a churning post-rock breakdown à la Mogwai. This is the band's most nuanced effort to date.

Released on Sumerian Records

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