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The Felix Culpa - Sever Your Roots double LP

by The Felix Culpa and Youth Conspiracy Records

$15.00 / Sold Out

Sever Your Roots is a true post-hardcore masterpiece of epic proportions, for fans of Thrice, the Dear Hunter, Brand New, As Cities Burn, Glassjaw, Emery, Engine Down and other, similarly good music.

Sever Your Roots is a double LP on two heavyweight 140-gram vinyl records.

Sever Your Roots is 14 songs and 66 minutes long.

Are you ready to have your world changed? Sever Your Roots is ready to do it.

/50 on clear/black mix vinyl (HOT TOPIC EXCLUSIVE)
/108 on black vinyl
/350 on clear vinyl

1. New Home Life
2. Our Holy Ghosts (LISTEN HERE)
3. The Constant
4. Roots
5. Escape To The Mountain, Lest Thou Be Consumed
6. The First One To The Scene Of An Accident Always Gets Blood On Their Hands
7. Unwriting Our Songs
8. Mutiny
9. Rum & Cigarettes
10. Because This Is How We Speak
11. It's Raining At Indian Wells
12. What You Call Thought Control, I Call Thought Control
13. An Instrument (LISTEN HERE)
14. Apologies